Basalt Bench/Garden Basalt Bench/Natural Stone Basalt Bench
Basalt Bench/Garden Basalt Bench/Natural Stone Basalt Bench
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Natural Stone/Basalt Bench for your outdoor garden decor.This natural stone basalt bench/ garden basalt bench is hand-crafted from columar basalt, a stone very similar incomposition to granite. Granite approaches the hardness of diamond..Although this very large basalt bench is perfect for a your own personal outdoor decor, it  has a back, is large and rustic, which would also make the basalt bench the  perfect piece for a park or sanctuary.
Leg pieces of this natural stone basalt  bench have a natural finish.The basalt bench seat and back have a flame finish.

Please take note of the dimensions of this basalt bench. It is 6 ft. in length

72"L x20"W x 36"H
Appros weight: 1400 lbs.

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