Large Two Frog Granite Bird Bath
Large Two Frog Granite Bird Bath
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The largre two frog granite bird bath is a must for the frog collector. It is one of our 
most artistic granite products. The two frog granite bird baths are hand-crafted 
from thousand-year-old granite goulders that highlight the stone's rich color and texture.
Inside the granite basin are two hand-carved frogs. No two will have the same shape
or stone color. The granite bird bath/granite bitdbaths are made from two separate
granite boulders, making them easy to ship, handle and assemble. Again, due to the
natural characteristics of natural stone weight and shape and color will vary.

Dimensions:  18 X 26  D  X 25 H

Approximate weight of the two frog granite birdbath is 225 lbs.

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