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Stone Fountains Whimsical and Functional

Polished, carved granite KoiOur natural stone fountains/granite fountains/garden fountains are hand chiseled and intricately  carved into delightful works of art that bring tranquility and peace to otherwise stressful and hectic lives.  Listening to these lovely natural stone fountains/granite fountains is mesmerizing. There is no better way to relax than listening to the soothing tranquil sound of running water. Our beautiful natural stone fountains/granite fountains/ garden fountains not only add the beauty of nature to your sun room, patio and garden, the therapeutic effects  will astound you. Close your eyes and let your dreams take you to far away places with these wonderful granite fountains/ stone fountains/garden fountains and never leave the privacy of your own yard and or outdoor furniture decor.. Amongst the many reasons to purchase a natural stone fountain/granite fountain or garden fountains is the assurance that it should endure the elements of time forever. A stone fountain that can be passed down from one generation to another for decades is definitely the answer to budgeting your money wisely when choosing one of our garden fountains.

Our delightful stone fountains are crafted from granite. Granite is an igneous rock that approaches the hardness and durability of diamond.  This characteristic of granite means that not only do our natural stone fountains/granite fountains/garden fountains bring beauty and tranquility into your life, over time they prove to be much more economical than garden fountains produced from man made products. Stone fountains delight both young and old. Treat your elderly parent with a gorgeous tranquil stone fountain/granite fountain and just sit back and sense the joy it brings into their life upon receiving their gorgeous stone fountain/granite fountain .

There is another aspect on owning a fountain; The sound of water, be it at the beach, beside a creek, a beautiful blue lake or river
brings an exhillerating feeling of peace and sireneity, thus relieving one of the ever day stressors that tend to elevate our blood pressure.. The sound of water just simply makes us feel relaxed..Consequently owning a fabulous stone fountain/granite fountain becomes an object of health and wellness.

With the afore mentioned health benefits in mind, Consider the benefits of adding(stone) garden fountain/fountains. Keep in mind that stone fountains/granite fountains will be an investment in health, beauty and tranquility. We have small garden fountains, large garden fountain, exquisite garden fountains, simple bubble garden fountains and all of our garden fountains are hand-crafted from natural stone/granite which far surpass garden fountains poured into a mold and made of concrete or resin. Garden Fountains hand-crafted from concrete or resin simply will not withstand the elements of of time which means in a short time, garden fountains produced in mass from concrete or resin will need to be replaced.That will not happen with our stone fountains/granite fountains.Your garden fountain hand-crafted from natural stone such as a granite fountain will be around for many generations. Think of the joy to be experienced by your great great grand-child upon learning that the garden fountain he or she has just inherited is an heirloom hand-crafted from granite and passed down to him or her from their great great grand-parent..



Granite Fountain/ Stone Fountain/Garden FountainGranite Fountain/ Stone Fountain/Garden FountainHand crafted from granite. Smooth and tranquil sound Includes pump and tubing Decorative pebbles not included 18" H Approximate weight 200bs
Granite Fountain/Stone Fountain/Garden FountainGranite Fountain/Stone Fountain/Garden FountainHand crafted from granite. Smooth curved artistic features with carved channel Includes pump and tubing Decorative pebbles not included 28"H Approximate weight 250 lbs
Stone Fountain/ Garden Fountain, Granite FountainStone Fountain/ Garden Fountain, Granite FountainPolished koi fish bubbler carved into granite boulder Drilled so water will come out of the mouth of the fish. 22"L Approximate weight 125 lbs
Stone Fountain/ Garden Fountain/Granite FountainStone Fountain/ Garden Fountain/Granite FountainHand crafted from granite. Smooth curved artistic features with carved channel and floating onyx sphere. Includes pump and tubing. Decorative pebbles not included. 28" H Approximate weight 275 lbs
Stone Fountain/Granite Fountain/Frog FountainStone Fountain/Granite Fountain/Frog FountainPolished frog bubbler carved into granite boulder. Drilled so water will come out of the mouth of the frog. 22"L Approximate weight 125 lbs