Frequently Asked Questions

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Q.    Will I be able to speak to someone directly?

A.    Yes, absolutely, if you receive our voice mail. please leave your name, number and a brief message and someone will return your call within 24 hours. If you call is not returned within that time frame, we have not gotten your message. Please do not hesitate to call us back.  Our goal is to be available to address your questions  or concerns. .  Contact Us

Q:  Will your jade, granite, sandstone, basalt or limestone products fade in the sun.

A:  No, they should not fade. All of our products are made from natural stone. Consequently. they are in their natural habit when they are outside.

 Q:  Do your natural stone products need to be moved inside in areas where the winters are harsh?

A:  No, there again , due to the characteristics of natural stone, our products withstand the elements of time much better than man made products such as concrete or resin.



Notify me before ordering if shipping to other than residential.

Please note some additional shipping fees may apply to the western states as well as some areas of Florida, North Dakota, South Dakota and Minnesota.Also some difficult to access areas of New York and DC area. Please contact me via email or phone before ordering from one of these states.

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