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Granite Garden Lantern,Japanese LanternGranite Garden Lantern,Japanese LanternChiseled granite garden lantern. Drilled for electric wiring. 40"H Approximately 375 lbs.
Natual Stone Lantern/Granite Lantern/Lighthouse LanternNatual Stone Lantern/Granite Lantern/Lighthouse LanternOctagon shaped natural stone/granite lighthouse lantern with polished, removable top. Drilled for electric lighting H 40" Approximatel weight 200 (Additional size) H 60" Approximate weight 650
Natural Stone/ Granite Japanese Garden LanternNatural Stone/ Granite  Japanese Garden Lantern
Natural Stone/Granite Garden Lantern, Japanese LanternNatural Stone/Granite  Garden Lantern, Japanese LanternTextured blue-grey granite garden lantern. Six piece design. 48" H Approximately 460 lbs.
Natural Stone/Granite Garden Lantern, Japanese LanternsNatural Stone/Granite Garden Lantern, Japanese LanternsTextured granite garden lantern. Seven piece design. Drilled for electric lighting. 41" H Approximately 175 lbs
Stone Lantern, Granite LanternStone Lantern, Granite LanternNatural boulder granite with carved accents and smooth features. Drilled for electric lighting. 27" H Approximately 250 lbs.
Stone Lantern, Granite Lantern, Japanese Lantern, Garden LanternStone Lantern, Granite Lantern, Japanese Lantern, Garden LanternTextured blue grey granite garden lantern. Five piece design. 18"H Approximately 120 lbs. (Additional size) 12"H Approximately 55 lbs.

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