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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Natural Stone Versus Man Made Products

The characteristics of natural stone make it the material
of choice when deciding to purchase outdoor furniture, garden furniture or patio furniture. Obviously, by design it is created from nature to withstand the elements of nature.

Natural stone products such as benches, tables, bird baths,
lanterns, fountains or animals are hand-crafted from natural stones such as jade, granite, sandstone,limestone or basalt. Hand-crafted means the products would be chiseled or carved from natural stone and not poured in a mold out of materials such as concrete or resin.

Granite is an amazing stone that approaches the hardness of diamond. Think about it. Would you rather have concrete that cracks and breaks or a product of natural stone that basically last forever? It's really a no brainer! Natural stone is beautiful and the durability makes it a real value. No need to replace natural stone. Just pass it down to your children more or less the same as you would your precious diamonds, emeralds and rubies, all of which are natural stones.

Jade, the beautiful natural stone that is not only used for furniture,but also for jewelry. So, we pass all kinds of natural stone “stuff” down to our children. Don't confuse serpentine or soapstone(talc) for the real jade. They sometimes have the appearance of jade but are not nearly as hard. Some people, out of ignorance or the desire to deceive, pass serpentine off as jade. Do your research.

Sandstone is a natural stone composed mostly of quartz and or feldspar and can vary greatly in color. However, the most common colors are tan ,brown,yellow, red, grey and white. There are actually absolutely gorgeous burgundy sandstones.Sandstone is a gorgeous stone,that because of it's durability is used for constructing buildings as well as outdoor furniture such as benches, tables and bird baths.

Basalt, a natural stone, is also used to make outdoor d├ęcor. Basalt is a rustic looking stone that is an igneous rock that is typically dark but can appear very light when weathered. This natural stone is a great choice for public parks, farms sanctuarys and petting zoos.

Limestone, wow, one must only look at the many castles and churches in Europe that were constructed in Medieval times that are still standing to get a clear picture of the durability and beauty of limestone. European architecture like that of Glasgow, Scotland are amazing structures that have withstood the elements of time for many years. Limestone, another natural stone wonder! Our predecessors created phenomenal architecture from natural stone that lives on and on.

Because of it's beauty and durability natural stone was, is and always will be the product of choice for the construction of outdoor benches, tables, bird baths, lanterns, fountains and any other outdoor furniture or architectural structures.
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