Granite Bird Baths/Stone Bird Baths

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Stone Bird Baths Wonderful  Gifts for Any Age

Granite two fish bird bathAll natural stone bird baths, which is what granite bird baths are, are hand chiseled and carved from granite . Our beautiful granite bird baths or stone bird baths are distinctively different in that they have been handcrafted by artisans with birds and frogs carved into the granite basins. Due to  the characteristics of natural stone no two granite bird baths or stone bird baths  will be exactly the same. Of course, as with all our natural stone/granite products, the granite bird baths or stone bird baths withstand the elements of time much better than bird baths made from man made products.Stone bird baths or granite bird baths used as a part of your outdoor furniture will entice both birds and people to come into your garden and bird habitat.

Offering your back yard birds an appropriate source of water from one of our stone bird baths or granite bird baths  and the apprppriate  food  source is essential to maintaining a substantial bird population in your garden and yard. Be sure that the birds have a fresh supply of water every day in their beautiful granite bird baths and stone bird baths. Also of vital importance if you are serious about wanting to attract various species of birds, is adding trees and shrubs to your yard and garden. Water, food, shelter and our beautiful and very functional natural stone bird baths or granite bird baths is all you will need to have the bird population you desire. Happy back yard birding.



Bird Bath, Granite Bird Bath, Stone Bird BathTop: Two fish carved in a granite boulder with a natural exterior Base: Natural granite boulder 15-25" Diameter X 24" H Approximate weight 300 lbs
Bird Baths, Stone Bird Baths, Granite Bird Baths,Garden Bird Baths
Natural Stone Bird Bath/Granite Bird BathTop: Granite with chiseled edge and polished rim Base: Round and chiseled 22" Diameter X 23" H Approximate weight 175 Additional Size 22"Diameter X 15"H Approximate weight 110 lbs
Natural Stone/Sandstone Garden Bird Bath/Baths
Natutal Stone/ Granite Two Frog Garden Bird BathTop: Two frogs carved in granite basin with chiseled exterior Base: Curved with chiseled exterior 28" L X 26" H Approximate weight 275 lbs
Small Two Fish Granite Birdbath
Small Two Frog Granite Bird Bath
Small Two Turtle Granite Birdbath
Stone Bird Bath/Granite Bird Bath Vine Leaf 1