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Polished green jade  benchAll our stone benches/granite benches/ garden benches are carved and chiseled from natural stone.We offer jade benches, granite benches, sandstone benches, basalt benches, limestone benches, and all the our stone benches /garden benches/granite benches/jade benches are individually hand-crafted for a one of kind creation. Some of the garden natural stone benches surfaces are polished, other stone benches surfaces are the rough unpolished natural stone .  All jade benches, granite benches, sandstone benches, limestone benches and basalt benches are  uniquely different with various colors and shades from which to choose, which will make it easier to customize your garden stone benches or multiple stone benches for the very best outdoor stone furniture and benches.. The beauty of nature has been intrinsically incorporated into the design of these beautiful stone benches/granite stone benches , jade benches/sandstone benches/limestone benches and basalt benches for your outdoor furniture. If you don't see exactly the garden stone bench you are looking for, give us a description the stone bench or  garden stone benches  you want  and we can email you some images of other stone bench/benches or garden stone benches such as jade benches, granite benches, sandstone benches, limestone benches and basalt benches. . Please note that our beautiful natural stone benches are 46 to 48 inches in length which will comfortably seat two people in the world of  the best outdoor stone furniture available..Also, please note that some other stone benches offered on other sites are smaller than our significantly larger garden stone benches.. One of our garden stone benches, the basalt bench with a back and arms is 72".

These beautiful garden natural stone benches/bench are also great used as memorial benches for  loved ones. The possibilities are endless.  Spend time at the memorial site in peace and comfort seated on one of  the very best natural stone benches.

To reiterate,we offer a variety of stone benches and absolutely no faux or cast stone benches. Below is a list of different types of stone benches we offer:

Natural Stone Benches, Granite Stone Benches, Sandstone Stone Benches, Jade Stone  Benches, Garden Stone  Benches, Memorial Stone  Benches, Rustic Stone Benches, Ellegant Stone Benches.and many  styles of lovely garden natural stone benches.

We also offer some custom made stone benches.

All of our stone benches come to you via free shipping curbside to the destination of your choice in the United States.

Basalt Bench/ Natural Stone Basalt Bench/ Garden Basalt Bench (SKU: BE-BA-1)
Basalt Bench/Garden Basalt Bench/Natural Stone Basalt Bench (SKU: BE-BA-LM)
Bench, Limestone Bench, Limestone Garden Bench (SKU: BE-LI-1)
Buff Sandstone Bench/ Sandstone Garden Bench (SKU: BE-SS-BUF)
Burgundy Sandstone Bench/Sandstone Garden Bench (SKU: BE-SS-BURG)
Copper Sandstone Bench/ Sandstone Garden Bench (SKU: BE-SS-COPP)
Curved Charcoal Granite Bench (SKU: BE-GR-4C)
Curved Gold Granite Bench (SKU: BE-GR-5C)
Granite Bench, Charcoal Granite Bench,Garden Bench (SKU: BE-CG-MET)
Granite Bench, Natural Stone Bench, Garden Bench (SKU: BE-BO-2)
Granite Bench, Stone Bench, Garden Bench (SKU: BE-BO-1C)
Granite Bench, Stone Bench/ Granite Garden Bench (SKU: BE-BO-1)
Granite Bench/Stone Bench/ Garden Bench (SKU: BE-WL-1)
Granite Bench/Stone Bench/Garden Bench (SKU: BE-GR-SW)
Granite/Natural Stone Hour Glass Garden Bench (SKU: BE-CG-HG)
Jade Bench (SKU: CU-ST-OM)
Jade Bench/Stone Bench (SKU: BE-OS-3)
Jade Boulder Seat (SKU: SE-JB-1)
Jade/Natural Stone Garden Bench With Iron (SKU: BE-OS-1)
Natural Stone/Jade Garden Bench/Seat (SKU: SE-0M-1)
NaturalStone/Granite(Gold) Garden Bench (SKU: BE-GR-5)
Stone Bench, Sandstone Bench, Sandstone Garden Bench (SKU: BE-SS-2)
Stone Bench/ Charcoal Granite Bench (SKU: BE-GR-3)