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All Natural Stone Garden Decor  at stonestatuestore.com is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality yard and garden decor. The best quality jade, granite, sandstone and limestone available are used by  artisans to create distinctive works of art which are sure to become future heirlooms for your children and grand children. Using natural stone ensures that no one can ever duplicate your cherished work of art. Our artisans take pride in knowing that they have created exclusive pieces with which to decorate your garden, sun room, patio or inside your home.

Our goal is to earn your trust by offering only the highest quality natural stone  exclusive garden decor. Our lovely  works of art have been a source of pride for home owners for almost a decade.

At All Natural Stone Garden Decor  we welcome your comments and or questions. We will gladly try to address any issues both before and after your purchase.

Your satisfaction is very important to us. We are a secure site and take your privacy very seriously. We will never sell your information.

Notify me before ordering if shipping to other than residential.

Please note some additional shipping fees may apply to the western states as well as some areas of Florida, North Dakota, South Dakota and Minnesota.Also some difficult to access areas of New York and DC area. Please contact me via email or phone before ordering from one of these states.

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